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Bring your comics on your pocket.Bring your comics on your pocket.

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CIAYO Comics - Where Millennials Get Their Indonesian Webcomic

CIAYO Comics is a digital platform for Indonesian webcomics. Every millennial could read their favourite Indonesian webcomics in their preferred way, directly and through technology. By visiting CIAYO Comics’ webpage or using the apps, millennials could enjoy all kinds of webcomic with various visual style—manga, webtoon, cartoonish, and even ethnic style—and genres—romance comic, comedy, horror, slice of life, drama, action, fantasy, and even special genre. All kind of comics can be accessed for free, straight from Indonesian creators. Visitors can choose either to read now or download and check it later. Aside from being free, visitors can also see the publishing schedule and anticipate the next update on their favourite comics. They’re also free to leave encouraging comments and interact directly with the creators. Join CIAYO Comics now to become part of Indonesian comics community for millennials.